bachelorette party game

I want to make my sister’s bachelorette party as fun as this one was!

My sister Caroline’s bachelorette party is next weekend and I’m putting the infamous questionnaire together to send to her fiancé John. You know how that game goes right? The groom answers a questionnaire beforehand and the bride has to guess his answers at the party. For example, one of the questions might be about Caroline’s favorite food. If John put down “cheese” as the answer and Caroline guessed “cheese” at the party, then Caroline is correct and faces no consequences. It’s when a bride guesses incorrectly that the real fun happens. You can set the game up to where the bride has to take a jello shot for every wrong answer or do a dare or share a sexy secret with the group or add a piece of bubble gum to her mouth for every wrong answer…stuff like that.

So here are a few questions I’ll definitely be asking the groom-to-be (some are sappy, but just go with it):

Where was you and Caroline’s first official date?

What is Caroline’s bra size? (It’s hilarious to hear the discrepancy on this one)

How much, on average, does she spend on a dress? (same with this one)

What is your most prized possession? What is Caroline’s?

What would you say is Caroline’s best feature?

You knew you loved her when…

You knew she loved you when…

She looks most sexy in…

What is the most unusual place you’ve ever hooked up?

If you could use any food during the act (and serious messes/consequences are no object) what would it be?

And here are the questions that I absolutely will NOT ask the groom (because I don’t think ANY groom/boyfriend/man-friend/whatever-friend should be asked this):

What does Caroline do that most annoys you? (This is a bachelorette party, people. Let’s not send the bride home angry!)

If Caroline were to die tomorrow, who out of her friends would you choose to replace her?

If you were to die tomorrow and had to choose a friend to replace you, who would it be?

What’s the worst gift Caroline ever gave you?

Funny questions that I feel compelled to ask the groom:

What movie made you cry?

When it comes to making love, if you were an astronaut, what would Caroline say is your best maneuver?

a. getting the ignition started

b. take off

c. orbit

d. re-entry

e. landing

If you could throw away one thing Caroline owns what would it be?

What animal best describes the bride?

What superhero would you want to be for a day?

Given a free pass to sleep with any celebrity, who would you choose?

Given a free pass to sleep with any celebrity, who could Caroline choose?

How old is your oldest pair of underwear?

Do you have any good questions for me to ask the groom? I’ll take all the help I can get. T-minus one week until the bachelorette weekend extravaganza!

Quote of the day:

“You know you’re a hot mess when the only person buying you drinks all night is yourself.” –Chelsea Handler