christian dior & trish mcevoy makeup

1. DiorSkin Natural Radiance Colour & Glow Powder in Sunlight / 2. Diorshow Blackout Mascara / 3. DiorShow Browstyler in Universal Brown / 4. DiorAddict Ultra-Gloss in Pretty Rose / 5. Dior 5-Colours Iridescent Eyeshadow in Petal Shine / 6. Trish McEvoy Intense Gel Eye Liner in Arabian Nights

Have you ever run into the department store to get a quick refill of your bronzer, or mascara or whatever it is, only to get suckered into “the chair?” You know what chair I’m referring to, don’t you? The one they sit you down in to show you all of their latest and greatest products, using your face as the demonstration site.

Well I recently found myself in that chair, and it belonged to none other than the Christian Dior Makeup counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Texas.

I cannot play victim here, ladies. I brought it on myself. Rather than do my usual point-and-shoot shopping, where, upon being asked, “Is that all I can help you with today?,” I resolutely answer, “No, this is all I need, thanks,” I instead responded with, “Actually, I’m looking for a new eye shadow for everyday wear.” That was it. I was at their mercy. I was in the chair.

But the thing is, it was one of the happiest predicaments I’ve found myself in lately, albeit an expensive one. Sitting there, eyes closed, letting someone beautify my tired face with gentle strokes from über soft brushes was flippin’ awesome. What’s more, I was in the hands of Jaims Paik, the most impressive, competent beauty specialist I’ve ever come into contact with (no joke). Jaims’ passion for playing up a woman’s natural beauty, and making her look/feel her absolute best, was so apparent. Thanks to Jaims’ attentive help, I’m all set on makeup for the holiday season. I will be recreating this look for next weekend’s fancy date with Michael, my parent’s Christmas party, and more.

If you ever find yourself in H-town, I highly suggest paying Jaims a visit. You can even check to see if she’s going to be there ahead of time. Her email address is, or you can call her at 713.843.5834.

Have any more holiday makeup suggestions for me? What’s your go-to product for looking great on fancy occasions?

Quote of the day:

“A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power.” –George Meredith


  1. cairee paugh says:

    i love dior make up. it’s my go to mascara and shadow. love their pencils too, but they discontinued my favorite one and i found a similar one at Nars.