Harvest Wreaths

Kind of sad/embarrassing fact about me: thus far in life, I have never decorated my dwelling for the holidays. So Mr. Scrooge-y of me, I know! Thanks to my dear mother, holiday decorations appeared magically in our home around this time of year without any effort exerted on my part. And now, sitting in my festive vacuum of an apartment, I have come to a new appreciation for seasonal décor and my mother’s efforts to set it out.

“But why wait until you have children to begin decorating for the holidays or making holiday traditions?” I recently asked myself. Two excuses came to mind and they are the same two excuses that lamely hold me back from doing other memorable things: time and money. Those excuses, in any area of life, are only valid if you really want them to be, I’ve decided (if you’re one of my friends in grad school and you’re reading this, ignore me). While I do not want to spend too much time picking out décor that’ll break the bank, I can spare some time (say 30 minutes) to look through a few wreath options, and decide on one that most appropriately joins aesthetic appeal and desired price point. For someone who has no decorations in storage whatsoever, I figure a wreath is a good place to start. See what options I discovered below and please leave a comment if there’s one you especially like!…

Dried hydrangea wreath

Red berry wreath & All natural fall sheaf

Peach fall berry wreath

Paper flower wreath & Monogrammed burlap wreath

Faux boxwood wreath & Autumn berry wreath

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