la marquise week, day 2

This La Marquise look was the most fun to shoot by far. I believe that oversized sunglasses and a statement coat can be attitude-shifters for any woman. Upon putting on the breathtaking Rachel Zoe coat and Elizabeth and James sunglasses, I was teleported into this very fierce and glamorous version of myself, where insecurity be damned. That bit of magic so often associated with high fashion left me spellbound.

While I understand the inherent value in cultivating confidence and can-do attitude from within–sans chic adornments–is it so bad to call on fashion’s powers from time to time? I think not. Granted, outward materials such as these should not comprise my internal makeup, but they can be lots of fun to play with.

What’s your favorite part of this outfit? The Bordeaux shift dress? The eel-skin purse? The two-toned booties? I’d love to know!


Elizabeth and James Bridgitte Dress // Rachel Zoe Marianna Jacket // Joie Bright Fire Boots // Hoss Orange Clutch // Elizabeth and James Crescent Sunglasses (all available at La Marquise)

*Photos taken by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

Quote of the day: 

“When a woman gets dressed up to go out at night, she wants to give 50% away, and hold the rest back. If you’re an open book, there’s no allure.” –Alexander McQueen


  1. Thank you, my Delightfully Southern ladies! Rivers, we need to try again at the whole getting together things. Erin, I miss you. So much. And I wish you were here so we could make more bevvies together!


  2. That jacket is everything.