mardi gras style

Mardi Gras style

Mardi Gras is soon upon us, so I decided to visit two Baton Rouge boutiques in search of stylish yet comfortable wears for the parade-going gal. The above photo is merely a sneak peek. Check back next week to see what I found at Tomato and Posh Boutique. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Quote of the day:

“Youth ages. Immaturity can be outgrown. Ignorance can be educated. Drunkenness sobered. But stupid lasts forever.” –Aristophanes, famous Greek comic playwright


  1. melanie plesh says:

    I had a hard time finding to whom I might make this comment. Ben Meyers, in an article today, wrote that the “reigns” of power were exchanged. That is a blatant grammatical mistake. NOLA.COM is lazy in this regard. Please encourage somebody to proofread. It’s embarrassing, and why I’m loathe to read the site.
    Melanie Plesh

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