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Oh snap! Magnolia Pair’s stunning photos from my sister’s wedding are being featured on Southern Weddings today! See full coverage on the fabulous affair by clicking here.

Not only was it exciting to read Caroline and John’s story “in print,” but it also reawakened many wonderful memories from the wedding weekend, including, but not limited to, listening to Caroline and John’s closest friends and family affirm them at the rehearsal dinner, hanging out at the Monteleone all day with the bridesmaids, feeling a sense of proud servitude as I carried her veil, seeing my father place Caroline’s hand in John’s at the ceremony, watching my mother take the dance floor by storm with a tambourine at the reception, and, most importantly, witnessing Caroline marry John, her perfect match if there ever was one.

P.S. – Check it out! On full display at the reception was the signature cocktail that Caroline asked me to concoct. It’s the Starlight Royale cocktail that I made during Bitsy & Boo’s Drink Week, which was renamed “The Sparkling Rose” to better fit the reception theme.


  1. How fun! Just saw it, and Holly’s photos are GORGEOUS. And it was fun reading a little more about how Caroline’s wedding came together. So happy I got to test drinks with you!