la marquise week, final look

ESCADA Nanni Blouse // White + Warren Polka Dot Crewneck // CURRENT/ELLIOTT Coated Jean Legging // Bernardo Laramie Lush Boot (all available at La Marquise)

We wrap up La Marquise Week with this playful everyday look. The ornate ESCADA blouse balances well with White + Warren’s minimalist polka dot sweater. Speaking of, has anyone reading this ever felt White + Warren’s cashmere? Excuse my language, but it is F’ING SUBLIME! It’s the softest, most luxurious, most cuddly material I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. Definitely adding a White + Warren sweater to my “Must Own Before I Die” list.

Other than that, CURRENT/ELLIOTT made this coated denim skeptic a believer. They add an unexpectedly fierce textural element to any ensemble. The color ascribed to the set pictured here is Huckleberry—a perfect mix between maroon and eggplant in my opinion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed La Marquise Week as much as I have! To be honest, I was extremely nervous about readers’ receptivity to the whole endeavor, especially with this being my first on-camera, on-blog appearance. Overall, though, it’s been a fantastic growing experience and your wonderful support and feedback made it all worthwhile. For that, I cannot thank you enough.

Best wishes and happy Monday,


*Photos by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

Quote of the day: 

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” –Katharine Hepburn

la marquise week, day 4

Necklace by Sennod Jewelry Design in New Orleans. Learn more about the line by visiting Sennod’s website.

CrOp by David Peck Davis Top // CrOp by David Peck Eliza Skirt // Elizabeth and James Sibil Wedge (all available at La Marquise)

Known for its vibrant hues, CrOp by David Peck offers women’s wear that blends American functionalism with refined Parisian elegance. The line is as thoughtful as it is beautiful. CrOp by David Peck employs socially responsible manufacturing practices as each garment is made in the David Peck Factory in Houston, Texas.  This was my first encounter with the brand. And let’s just say, Mr. Peck, wherever you are, I’m positively smitten.

I feel this outfit would be perfect for date night on an exotic vacation. Where would you wear it? I’d love to know. Me and the team at La Marquise are still asking ourselves that question. Regardless of what we come up with, every moment spent in this ensemble was bliss.

Learn more about La Marquise by visiting its Facebook page.

*Photos by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

Quote of the day:

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.” –Cecil Beaton

la marquise week, day 3

With south Louisiana’s intemperate weather, it’s tough to put a seasonally appropriate outfit together without overheating the wearer. This suede mini skirt and short-sleeved cashmere sweater offer an on-trend solution to that issue. And when the weather turns colder, you can simply add a pair of textured tights underneath the skirt (I’d probably go with deep, Bordeaux-colored tights or maybe navy) to get even more mileage out of this look.

Happy hump day, by the way! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

White & Warren Shirt Tail Cashmere Sweater // Joie Suede Skirt // Missoni Autumn Stole // Bernardo Laramie Lush Boot  (all available at La Marquise)

Learn more about La Marquise by visiting its Facebook page.

* Photos by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

la marquise week, day 2

This La Marquise look was the most fun to shoot by far. I believe that oversized sunglasses and a statement coat can be attitude-shifters for any woman. Upon putting on the breathtaking Rachel Zoe coat and Elizabeth and James sunglasses, I was teleported into this very fierce and glamorous version of myself, where insecurity be damned. That bit of magic so often associated with high fashion left me spellbound.

While I understand the inherent value in cultivating confidence and can-do attitude from within–sans chic adornments–is it so bad to call on fashion’s powers from time to time? I think not. Granted, outward materials such as these should not comprise my internal makeup, but they can be lots of fun to play with.

What’s your favorite part of this outfit? The Bordeaux shift dress? The eel-skin purse? The two-toned booties? I’d love to know!


Elizabeth and James Bridgitte Dress // Rachel Zoe Marianna Jacket // Joie Bright Fire Boots // Hoss Orange Clutch // Elizabeth and James Crescent Sunglasses (all available at La Marquise)

*Photos taken by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

Quote of the day: 

“When a woman gets dressed up to go out at night, she wants to give 50% away, and hold the rest back. If you’re an open book, there’s no allure.” –Alexander McQueen

La Marquise Week

M Missoni yellow blouse; M Missoni knit green skirt; Bettye Muller Roxy bootie with tassles (all available at La Marquise); Kate Spade jade purse (my own, similar here).

Upon entering La Marquise’s impressive building, I realized there’s nothing square about it. The store itself is elliptical in shape, allowing shoppers to make a graceful turn about the room while sparing them the anxiety of potentially missing key items nestled in sharp corners. Likewise, the garments are assembled not on square racks, but in linear progressions.

And there’s nothing square about the styles offered there either. The team at La Marquise understands that, just like fashion itself, your wardrobe is cyclical. Women shopping there may enhance a collection of classic staples and playfully embellish it with more adventurous and trendy pieces.

Brought in from Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, general manager Dawn Faulkner created nothing less than a Lafayette shopping marvel. A masterpiece that she was undoubtedly prepared to create after forty-plus years of experience in the retail business. Her team there–stylist Mollye Ashmore especially–was so helpful in putting together the looks featured in this week’s posts.

As you can see, I’m the one modeling the clothing this time around, which is a first for Bitsy & Boo. Please keep in mind that I have never done anything like this. Hanging up my inhibitions and embracing my vulnerabilities (like my stocky legs) in order to rock these beautiful garments was not easy. There was a lot of self-loathing going on prior to the shoot. I kept repeatedly asking myself (in a very harsh tone, might I add), “Rebecca, why didn’t you get a spray tan?!” Or, “Why didn’t you try to lose more weight beforehand?!” Or, “Why didn’t you call someone to help you with your hair and makeup?!”

Being forced to repeat, “Rebecca, get over yourself!” several times and strike a pose, even when I wasn’t feeling all that beautiful, is a pretty healthy exercise. Ultimately, I believe that less inhibitions and less focus on what’s “wrong” with me will ultimately open me up to more opportunities for happiness and unique life experiences.

*Photos by Ruthie Voinche’ Robideaux

Quote of the day:

“I’m so tired of saying, ‘No,’ and then waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before. Counting every calorie consumed so I can calculate exactly how much self-loathing to take into the shower. I’m going for it. I have no interest in being obese. I’m just through with the guilt.” –Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray Love